Amy Testimonials

Amy is wonderful! I am so happy to have encountered her lovely gifts. It was so fun speaking with her and at the same time I feel more confident in listening to myself and moving forward in my life. She is very good at communicating gently, yet clearly letting you know what you need to hear. I highly recommend getting a reading from Amy. She has helped me with so much and is very good at what she does!  ~ Melissa


I've been going through a major health challenge. Amy asked me if I had a "lost love". As it happens, I did, and she connected us. I had not asked Bob to come and speak to me, but, come he did via Amy. It was a very uplifting experience for me because Bob, who had passed 25 years ago after losing his battle with cancer, had advice for me in my battle. He told me that he still loved me and that was reassuring to know that love carries on onto the other side. Amy is sympathetic, caring, and spiritually gifted. I believe you would be pleased with her counseling services.~ Margaret


I was shocked at Amy's accuracy with my reading. It's really good to know that this place has amazing and gifted people working here. I can not wait for another reading with her :) ~ Anonymous

Amazing!! Thank you Amy my fog has now turned to clarity! No words to describe how dead on you were. I'm sitting in front of a pond and the first thing you tell me is "I see water". It doesn't get any better than that. ~ Bambi

I had my first reading today by Amy. I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy on all issues. She is kind, understanding and gifted. I felt such peace and understanding after the reading. Everything she said was spot on. I have two other friends who say the very same thing. All of us want to plan a trip to meet Amy in person and have a reading.  Amy is awesome in this field and I wish I would have known about her long ago.  Thank you Amy for the great service and for being the person you are. ~ Melodye