Cindy  Testimonials

Love Cindy! She's been scary accurate every time I get a reading from her. I always look forward to talking with her =)  ~ Julianne

My reading with Cindy was great! We covered a lot of ground in a short time. The hour went so fast! She was very clear in her insights and has a warm and compassionate way about her. She spoke from intuition and expertly used tarot and Astrology to help dive deeper into my questions. Thank you Cindy!  ~ Kendra

"Incredibly warm, comforting, and pleasant. My encounter with Cindy was truly wonderful. It was an experience I will always remember. The energy felt from my Reiki session with her was inspiring. Her insight, connection and accuracy with each of my readings felt divinely guided. Cindy is clearly very gifted and experienced, and she made me feel 100% comfortable as she accurately read and explained what my guides had for me in my life path. I am excited to visit her and Kindred Journeys again."  ~ Paul