Katie  Testimonials

She is quick getting to the heart of a matter, telling the truth in a soft non-judgmental way. I loved her & you will to! ~ Cheryl

Katie is accurate indeed and doubles as your cheerleader guiding you every step of the way in the right direction.  She won't cut you off at the end of the reading until your good as gold!  ~ Marlene

 I received a reading from a sweet woman Katie.  I was very curious of how my reading would turn out.  Katie's reading was 100% accurate and I took notes because it is so much in 1 hr that I know I would forget. I would strongly suggest to ask for Katie.   I totally suggest/recommend to my friends and family of Katie's excellent reading. ~ Sylvia

Katie was so helpful, kind, and insightful. I've been struggling with issues in regards to romantic love for some time. After speaking with Katie I gained a fresh perspective filled with renewed hope and optimism for my future and life partner. Katie is not only highly psychic, but an inspiring counselor as well. I feel lucky to have access to her depth and wisdom. Thank you many times over...she told me to never give up on love despite my past, and I won't!!! ~ Maggie